Billet Dip Stick (New)




  • K20 and K24 Valve Covers


* There may be fitments with issues with some baffled oil pans

We’ve redesigned the dip stick. It now has an injector molded bottom level marker to allow easier reading of oil level. We have also provided o-rings and grooves which can be used to easily mark the low/high level on your specific setup. Instructions are on each package and available on our website. Due to the sheer number of setups this was the easiest way to ensure all cars have accurate readings (V1 Dip Stick required scribing the marker which isn’t needed anymore).

The current trend in Honda builds seems to be somewhat focused on clean details in the engine bay. With that said, we think most K owners would agree that the OEM orange dipstick on the K engine looks completely out of place, especially on a custom valve cover in a super clean engine bay. The JDM black dipstick is a slight improvement, but the height still has some fitment problems on some chassis. After seeing these unfinished looking dipsticks way too often, we decided it was time to offer something on a higher level to our customers.The K-Tuned Billet Oil Dipstick was designed to follow the exact contour of the OEM valve cover, giving it a smooth, shaved look. Along the bottom of front edge is a small flare, which is just enough for removal. Look closer and you’ll notice a small hole located at the center of the flared front edge. This can be used to attach a spring tie down on boosted applications where increased crankcase pressures can blow out the dipstick.

Starting with the 6061 billet aluminum top, our signature K logo is engraved after anodizing. All the remaining parts are 100% stainless steel, including the base, wire and level indicator. The base seals properly with 2 o-rings just like OEM and the level indicator has 2 markings on it, again matching OEM. Available for both K20 and K24 engines in 5 colors plus raw aluminum for those who might be interested in polishing or a custom color match.

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