Complete H/F Series Shifter Setup



Our custom shifter cable transmission bracket allows you to use our modified cables to convert your H/F Series cable transmission to work with K-Series style shifter. You have a couple options for shifters and cables so be sure to pick the setup that is best suited to your application.

Billet RSX Shifter– Street/Race cars that see some track abuse but aren’t completely race cars.
Race-Spec Billet RSX Shifter – This is the most robust design and features and upgrade elbow for people who like to put everything into each shift. This shifter is an essential for race cars but can also be used on a street car.
Race-Spec Billet RSX Shifter with Shift Cut – This shifter takes the Race-Spec Shifter one step farther and integrates a sensor to measure the position of the shifter arm in the throw. This can be used to establish flat foot shifting, prevent over-shifting, or as a fail safe for race cars. An options programmable unit is available if you do not want to setup the unit in your management system.

Check out the shifter section for other add-ons like lockout, shift stops, knobs, etc. Shifter Cables
OEM-Spec Shifter Cables– Is just as the name implies cables built to same specs are factory Honda K-Series Shifter Cables.
Race-Spec Shifter Cables – These cables are needed for aggressive shifts. The cables feature an upgrade steel cable core, teflon coated internals, and reinforced cable. The cable using solid billet bushings and aluminum threaded ends to ensure the strongest setup.

Additional information

Select Shifter

KTD-RSX-SFT- Billet RSX Shifter [+USD $439.99], No shifter, Race-Spec Billet RSX Shifter – KTD-RSX-PR2 [+USD $549.99], Race-Spec Shifter w/Shift Cut – KTD-RSX-PNL [+USD $1,319.99]

Add Mounting Options

Billet RSX Shifter Base Plate – Mounted Above Tunnel [+USD $139.99], No Thanks, Shifter Mounting Kit (For RSX Shifter) [+USD $149.99]

Add 5th Gear Lock Out

5th Gear Lockout for Billet RSX Shifter [+USD $139.99], No Thanks

Add Billet Shifter Stops

Billet Shifter Stops [+USD $64.99], No Thanks


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