EP3 Billet Shifter Arm


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  • OEM EP3 Shifter
* Designed to fit all OEM EP3 shifter box. This upgrade is so good , it almost feels like a mechanicla linkage
The K-Tuned Billet Shifter Arm is a direct replacement for the sloppy oem plastic shifter arm. This 100% billet aluminum arm uses an extremely durable delrin pivot ball with much tighter clearances than stock. We have also fitted the arm with a stiffer heat treated neutral return spring. These 3 combined parts virtually eliminate the “play” or looseness that is a common complaint about the stock shifter box. The result is a shifter with much improved shift accuracy and an overall crisp feel. This product will give the user increased confidence and reduce the chances of a dreaded miss-shift which can kill a motor in a matter of seconds.


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