Front Camber Kit (UCA) EG/DC2


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  • 92-95 Civic EG
  • 94-01 Integra DC
* Please note our K-Tuned Upper Camber Arms are designed for lowered cars only. DO NOT use them to correct camber angles on race cars that are raised higher than stock.The max drop we have tested is 3″ lower than stock. If used on a setup lower than 3″ or a setup higher than stock, the balljoint could contact the edges of the cup it sits in, and damage could occur.
* Camber plate bolts are to be torqued to 22ft-lbs
Front camber kit makes it easy to adjust camber and proper setup and align your car whether that is for street driving or racing. Available in both hardened rubber or spherical bushings.
Old worn and tired bushings will drastically reduce the feel and handling of your car. Replacing worn bushings and suspension components can really make an older car feel new again. Our rubber bushings feature a stiffer durometer than OEM and are designed to last. Spherical bushings are perfect for race cars that need solid but smooth movement of suspension components.
Sold in pairs

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Rubber Bushing, Spherical Bushing [+USD $110.00]


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