High-Flow Fuel Filters


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  • Universal
*Can be added to just about any AN fuel system

Hard anodized finish can be used with all fuels including alcohol, E85 and other race fuels.

A good fuel filter is an important part of any fuel system. They are in place to filter out any potential debris or contaminents before they reach the fuel injectors. K-Tuned High-Flow Fuel Filters are available in 2 different size options that will meet the fuel demands from simple street cars to all out race cars. They are made with 6061 aluminum and suitable for use with alcohol, E85 and all other race fuels. The 2 important features that make this possible are the hard anodized body and the high quality stainless steel mesh filters. The female o-ring ports are easily connected to any size fuel line using standard AN port adapters. Each filter comes with a 100 micron filter but we also have a 30 micron filter available for specific applications where finer filtering is either wanted or necessary. If you are using an aftermarket fuel pump be sure to check the pump manufacturers specs for filter micron ratings. The 8AN size filter measures 1.25″ in diameter and 3.5″ in length . The 10AN size filter measures 2″ in diameter and 5.5″ in length. Note that these overall length measurments do not include the adapters at each end. Port adapters are available separately from K-Tuned. Below is a general HP guide to help you with filter selection. Note that the fuel pump and injectors being used plus the line size need to be taken into account and can increase these potential HP numbers. These are just posted as a basic guideline.

Basic Inline Fuel Filter (KTD-FF-06) – up to 250 HP approx.
Basic Inline Fuel Filter (KTD-FF-08) – 250 – 300 HP approx.
High Flow 8AN Inline Filter (KTD-MFF-808) – 300- 500 HP approx.
High Flow 10AN Inline Filter (KTD-MFF-010) – 500 HP and up

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Select Size

-10AN inlet/outlet [+USD $33.00], -8AN inlet/outlet

Add fittings

2 x 10OR to 10AN Fittings [+USD $17.59], 2 x 10OR to 6AN Fittings [+USD $17.59], 2 x 10OR to 8AN FIttings [+USD $17.59], 2 x 8OR to 6AN Fittings [+USD $15.39], 2 x 8OR to 8AN Fittings [+USD $15.39]

Add mounting brackets

No Thanks, Yes 2 brackets for -10AN Filter [+USD $22.00], Yes 2 brackets for -8AN Filter [+USD $16.50]


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