Idle Air Assist Delete Kit




  • All K-series engines

The K-Tuned Idle Air Assist Delete Kit will help clean up the overall look of any K-series engine by removing the ugly and unnecessary Idle Air Assist valve from the engine.  This valve is typically mounted on the rad inlet or intake manifold depending on what engine you have.  It has a hose running from the top of the valve to the center of the intake manifold and a second hose from the valve to the intake piping.  The air assist valve was designed to raise the idle during a cold start up to increase engine warm up speed.  Our testing has proved to us that this sensor can be deleted because a properly functioning IACV (Idle Air Control Valve) already does the same job.  RSX, TSX, 8TH Gen Civic and EP3 owners will appreciate this delete kit even more because the Air Assist Valve always seems to get in the way when installing an upgraded fuel rail.  Included in the delete kit is a plug for the intake manifold port and a plug for the coolant port on the rad inlet or intake manifold.


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