Intake Air Tempature Sensor Adapter




  • K-Series Engines
  • OBD2 B-Series Temp Sensors
* This can also be used on newer Drive By Wire cars like the 8th and 9th Gen Civic who want to delete the MAF and replace it with a simple Intake air temp sensor
The intake temp sensor adapter is a great option for boosted cars where the rubber grommet just won’t hold. Instead of trying to find an OBD1 B-Series Temp Sensor and plug you can use this adapter will work with your stock harness and sensor. The adapter uses either stock K-Series Temp Sensor or OBD2 Temp Sensor. We include a weld bung to adapt it to any piping quickly and securely. Alternatively you can thread the adapter in using 3/8NPT port and sealer to secure it. The sensor is sealed with an o-ring to ensure to leaks. We provide a small spacer to be used with K-Series Temp Sensors. Its made entirely of 6061 aluminum.


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