K-Series Slave Cylinder



  • K-Series Transmissions
* You may need to upgrade your clutch line.
* The inlet fittings is mounted vertically
* Some K-Series slave cylinders have a horizontal inlet, our K-Series clutch will work perfectly with this kit, it will include a 90 degree fitting at the slave.
The K-Tuned Slave Cylinder is a great upgrade for those wanting to replace leaking or worn out OEM units. Many new K-Series cars (05-06 RSX, 06+ Civic Si) use a slave cylinder that has an internal oil restrictor that further slows the movement of the fluid. Similar to the master cylinders that have a feedback plate that reduces speed of the movement. This can be problematic as reduce speed can cause the clutch to not fully disengage and engage as quickly as you are shifting. This can lead to prematurely worn synchros or gears.

Additional information

Add Stainless Steel Clutch Line

No thanks, Yes include Stainless Steel Clutch [+USD $99.99]


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