Rad Brackets for Traction Bars


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  • K-Tuned or ETD Racing Traction bars,
* May also fit competitors Traction Bars with a 1.5′ OD Main Bar


Here is another useful part from K-Tuned.  In the past, alot of people ruined the coating on their traction bars by welding on custom tabs to mount the radiator on the bar in their car.  We have done the work for you and finally you can easily and cleanly mount most radiators on your traction bar.  These Stainless Steel brackets are perfect for rad swaps and rad relocation for K-swaps.  These even work with our competitors bars as long as they are using a 1.5î OD (outside diameter) main bar.  DonÍt forget to be sure there is enough clearance for the U-bolt to wrap around the bar.  Mounting a radiator really doesnÍt get any easier.


– Sold in pairs
– Stainless Steel bracket won’t rust
– Bracket for use with all K-Tuned & ETD Traction bars
– Easy rad relocation
– Adjustable along the bar, to fit rads of any width
– Made with 3/16î Stainless steel
– Quality urethane bushing


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