RDX Injector clips with pigtails


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  • All K-Series Engines


* This is for a set of four clips only. Injectors can be purchased from Honda.

* These clips works perfectly and can be used with modified stock injector pins and clipped into the new RDX clip. No pins are needed with this install method.
* K-Pro or other engine management system is essential to control these higher flow injectors.

RDX Injectors are rated for 410 cc (at 38 psi), 550 cc (at 70 psi) and offer an improved spray pattern over the factory Type-S (310 cc) injectors. These features offer the K-Series engine increased fuel flow and better fuel atomization.They are the perfect upgrade for stock and modified N/A K-Series engines. Stock bottom end motors with upgraded camshafts, valvetrain and intake manifolds may already be maxing out the duty cycle of the factory Type-S injectors


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