Water Plate (Old B-Series Design)


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  • All K-series engines
* This will NOT work with K24Z and K24Y series engines
* Coolant Port -16an
* Crank Case Port – 8an

Discontinued Water Plate Kit for B-Series alternator. This is a slight remake on the original design with incorporates our new plate with o-ring seal. It includes the new custom fitting which allows -16AN port fittings to be easily used.

Here is another innovative part from K-Tuned.  For several years now racers have used electric water pumps to reduce the power robbing effects of parasitic drag from their engines.  By reducing the number of accessories the crank needs to turn there can be some impressive gains.  The K-Tuned Water Pump Block Off Plate system was designed to setup a K-series engine to run an electric water pump cooling system.  It replaces all the bulky and heavy OEM accessories with a simple lightweight aluminum plate.  The kit is designed to allow the perfect flow of coolant and also effectively release unwanted crankcase pressure.  The water port is sealed just like it was from the factory using the oem o-ring seal.  The breather port is threaded for an 8AN fitting and can easily be routed to any catch can set-up.

We have also designed an alternator bracket setup to be used with lighter Honda B and D alternators.  The 01-05 EM2 alternator is perfect to use with this kit because it will plug in directly to the K-series engine harness.  The EM2 alternators are also pretty easy to get and generally they aren’t too expensive either.  We have put together a series of kits allowing you to choose which parts you want, so you can build a system that works perfectly for your application.  This is a must have for serious race car builds and a true favorite among All Motor racers. (Although is some situations the EM2 Alternator will not supply enough voltage to support the system)


– Replaces the huge oem water passage with a lightweight block-off plate
– Deletes oem water pump, auto tensioner, P/S, A/C and EP3 pulley
– Designed to be used with lighter B or D series alternators (01-05 EM2 Civic alternator is a direct fit)
– CNC machined 6061 aluminum
– Large coolant port is tapped for -16AN
– Smaller Breather port is tapped for 8AN


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